Here's a link to a blog called The Second Half. Great article on scaley leg.  I was glad to find pics of healthy chickens. Never owning them I was starting to think the normal scales on my chickens were infected. Whew!

So the chickens are experiencing their first snow...I can tell they don't love it...after a period of time they just run back to the coop to thaw their little toes. I've been keeping them locked up more often lately because Mark actually saw them get semi-attacked by a hawk two weeks ago. A fallen tree prevented the hawk from getting low enough to snatch one. Really, until we get our fence finished it’s a gamble letting them out, but it’s hard to watch them stuck in the run behind a fence. My biggest concern with this weather was Pearls comb and wattles since
  they’re HUGE I read that they can get frost bite. The prevention for frostbite
  is to slather on Vaseline.   She seems fine so far.

By the way chickens eat ANYTHING. For example: Ice melt.

Well, what im supposed to be doing right now is finishing our guest room. By finishing I mean painting and by painting I mean !HELP! Actually it's turning out pretty awesome.
Yesterday, Mark helped me throw my desk out over our porch railing smashing it to bits! Yea!(it was a 30 dollar special from Walmart the kind that would bubble if I tried to paint it)
Out with the old and in with the new...

The Beau Coop from Neiman Marcus. For a mere 100,000 you too can purchase this lush chicken palace for your beloved ladies! Complete with library and a chandelier.