Day one:
I get the frightened chicks home and place them
in the box I have prepared for them. They have their chick “Gatorade” their food
and the temp is perfect. Once inside the chicks drink and I notice that the
barred rock is wobbling and pitching forward- almost face planting in the water
dish. She would not move away from the dish. There she sat and I was beginning
to get worried about her. Eventually one of her sisters came and the chick get
up and started to eat like nothing was wrong.  I was perplexed. 
Later however, I saw the other chicks doing the same thing just getting
wobbly and droopy. I realized they were exhausted! They were literally just
dropping off to sleep wherever they stood. Some face down in the aspen. 
Before I went to bed I prepared a sand box for the little darlings.  At first they ignored it, but
eventually they began hopping in and enjoying little nibble-

I really think they feel comfortable here and I feel very
peaceful knowing they are content.

brooder box