I  cleaned my back room today and the chicks now have an upgraded brooder space
  and a bigger sand box. I will also hopefully make a training roost for them
  today. They are already eyeing the top of the water dish and I have been
  placing a box there to prevent them from getting on top. They are definitely
  starting to show individual personality. I've been concerned that the 18%
protein chick feed is not enough. Its Manna Pro unmediated. I tried to
supplement them with mashed organic hardboiled egg, but to no avail. They don't
want it no matter how I try to present it to them. Today I will try ground flax

The only excitement in the last few days was two nights ago. I came
home to find the faverolle “pastedup” in the rear. It took four attempts of
slowly rubbing a warm water soaked paper towel
on its vent to get the caked
poop off. I should have just held it and did it all at once, but it would start
to cry so loud I would lose my nerve and put her back. 
I also trimmed feathers around her rear. By the time I was completely
finished I put her back in the box and she just stood there making scared peeps 
and not moving. The other chicks were pecking at her wet rear. I felt
terrible because there wasn’t anything I could do, but leave her alone to calm
Today I added a little under a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to
their quart water dish. This is supposed to help regulate gut bacteria and help with the

Fluffy really could care less about the chicks, she will not
come in the room and I am extremely grateful she’s not a chicken hunter. Is she
really respectful? Or has she lost her cat instincts living such a pampered life?