The age old question, What came first the chicken or the egg?" In my case has been solved: The chicken definetly came first!

Yes, while putting leaves I bagged up today on the shelf inside the coop I discovered I left the screen down and I found a little white egg sitting in a
pile of straw! I'm almost positive it had to have been laid between yesterday and today. I'm definetly going to eat it.

Alot has happened in the last 4 months. I spent the summer reinforcing the coop with buried wire all around the outside and also had a plastic mesh roof that I changed out for chicken wire.  I also biult the shelf inside (with a lot of help from Mark of course) and after the chickens pooped all over my stuff, I biult a screen to keep them out.  I also upgraded them from home depot bucket feeders to creep feeders and I bought a 3 gal metal waterer that will hang on the inside as soon as my hubby will help me rig it up.

The most important thing I learned: DO NOT let the chickens eat out of anything made of glass. Thankfully I was outside when my pyrex dish shattered. The only casualty was a small cut on Roxannes leg.

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